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The House
'Our physical spaces'

The lounge area at 8910 Melrose Avenue
A melted bronze sculpture at 8910 Melrose Avenue

TOTEME stores are living embodiments of the brand: physical destinations where visitors can come to experience the codes and character of the house. Each store reaffirms the distinct TOTEME design expression, which is rooted in materiality, shape and style.

“Our stores are meticulously crafted environments that weave together heritage and contemporary design. A lot of craftsmanship goes into the design of our spaces: at a first glance they feel quite minimal, but when you look closer, you notice the unique details and textures.”

— Karl Lindman

'Europa' statue by Carl Milles at 12 Mount Street
Graphic accents at 12 Mount Street

TOTEME takes a bespoke approach to the creation of each space, with consideration to the local place and how the brand fits within it. Serene and tranquil or bold and vibrant, the stores are exploring different physical manifestations of the brand and feature architectural elements characteristic of the neighborhood and city. Nestled in iconic buildings and areas rich in cultural legacy, each flagship location holds personal significance to the TOTEME founders.

The exterior of 49 Mercer Street
Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn at 49 Mercer Street
The exterior of 49 Mercer Street
Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn at 49 Mercer Street

The spaces encapsulate the essence of TOTEME with codes deeply rooted in craftsmanship and Swedish heritage, evident in everything from material choices to artworks. Minimalist interiors are animated by layers of textures and elements of transparency, creating emblematic spaces that mirror the design DNA of the collections.

A shelf in hammered steel at 49 Mercer Street
A Svenskt Tenn paperweight in pewter at 49 Mercer Street
A shelf in hammered steel at 49 Mercer Street
A Svenskt Tenn pewter object at 49 Mercer Street 

The graphic codes of TOTEME find new physical forms in the stores, with accents and shapes that pay homage to the monogram. Walls are framed by graphic lines in black or bronze, and intricate accents suggestive of the emblem are artfully built into the spaces.

Earthy stone textures at Shanghai Réel
Curved shapes at Shanghai Réel
The transparent glass walls of Shanghai Réel

Visitors are invited to explore the rich tapestry of TOTEME, where each store becomes a unique expression of the brand's journey through time and inspiration. All TOTEME stores are created by long-term collaborators, Swedish architect Halleroed.

The Swedish Grace staircase at Biblioteksgatan 5
The Andrée Putman couch at Biblioteksgatan 5

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